Baby Emma - Celebrating Motherhood - Day 7

New mom Krista shared a wonderful view as she observed her little girl's interests peak with crawling. Yet her nightly need for mom places her back into the arms of needing comfort. Mobility has a way of making little ones seem too big for their tiny bodies. Once their adventurous side spikes, everything and everyone is a bit more interesting! Thank you Krista for sharing, Emma is such a doll and a joy to see her explore!

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baby scarlet - celebrating motherhood - day 6

Pam, a stunning mom to two little ones under two shares her journey into motherhood in a candid and admiring way. Her reflection in witnessing the pure love her little ones have on the world pulls on my heart strings. Every parent can agree there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a child take on a new day with a smile! On the flip side, communication skills are off cue in the early years and parenting frustrations reach an all time high. I can really relate to the crying fits in raising my own children. Seeing them displeased and how their emotions are easily effected can really make it difficult to leave the house most days. 

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Baby Norah - celebrating motherhood - day 5

On the eve of Mother’s Day, another beautiful feature, the lovely Jenni along side her beautiful little girl Norah. Jenni shares a touching side to watching a sibling bond develop. Also just how precious the formation of this relationship is to the joyful side of motherhood. On the flip side, our emotions are mixed with our natural instinct to protect our little ones and this can fill our minds with worry.

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Baby Claire - celebrating motherhood - day 4

If you are just joining, this week on the blog I am hosting a series celebrating Motherhood. With Mother's Day approaching, I think it is important to acknowledge the feelings we all experience as mothers. In April, I invited women with little ones to share their journey's and gift each of them with beautiful images that showcase just how perfect they are in their child's eyes. They were asked two simple questions, 1) what melts your heart watching your little one(s) grow and 2) on the flip side what could you really do without. This series showcases their replies and my hope is to bring back a bit more self love to the motherhood journey.

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Baby Jasper - Celebrating Motherhood - Day3

In Nadia's words ....

The thing that melts my heart is when I am in another room caught up in the daily chores of emptying school bags, dishes, preparing supper, etc and then I hear Jasper laugh. I go to look in the living room and Seraphina and him are playing together as whatever she is doing (peekaboo, blowing raspberries, giving him aggressive kisses) he loves it. 

The night feedings. But even as I wish for a full nights sleep, I realize that my baby is growing up and that is the next step in not needing me as much. 

I read something recently that resonated with me: motherhood is a place caught between reminiscing about the past, hoping for the future and enjoying the present. It is a constant struggle of balancing all three emotions.

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Baby Isabelle - Celebrating Motherhood- Day 2

Michelle, a lovely mom to two adorable babes brought her youngest Isabelle and shares her motherhood journey in this feature. She touches on so much in her response. I admire her reflection on how you truly are never prepared yet somehow you would never change it.

You can paint the nursery, put furniture together, have clothes washed and ready to be worn, read a million pregnancy books- but none of this will prepare you for what it will mean to become a mother.
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