Baby Leona - Celebrating Motherhood- Day 1


There is deep truth to the emotional journey a woman experiences soon after she becomes a Mother. This looks different for all of us but one thing holds true. We have a deep down immediate desire to be a protector and to fulfill our children's needs for safety and security. This kind of love is hard to place into words, but our children have a unique way of showing their "thanks". It may be seen in the way they only look at us, or a happy gaze they place by the sound of mom's voice, or it could be even be by the way they follow us around all day long seeking closeness. Their need for connection is strong and very much seen in the first year of life. 

This year I was on a mission to create a Mother's Day series to showcase TWO pulling questions mom's with young children experience daily. They are centred on the push and pull happening within our hearts watching little ones understand the world around them. To me the answers to these questions are the definition of how the experience in motherhood is shaped ~ one moment your heart is melting with sweetness and the next moment you could crawl into a hole and hide from it all! It is bittersweet, but important to bring attention to it. To understand you are not alone and your feelings are completely normal. The birth of this series was created to share stories from other women and empower all this Mother's Day that in your child's eyes you are enough just the way you are! Something that can often be put aside when taking care of young children! 

The only way I could sincerely prove their love is to showcase back to you the happy, smiley, "I only have eyes for mama" baby. To demonstrate that they see you with purity, love and have a magical glow in your presence and connect the two answers to my defining questions as a way to remind you. I guess most importantly, to show you that even little ones who cannot express just yet a BIG celebration on Mother's Day, they are thankful for you! The truth is your children love you just the way you are and my gift to other mother's is to share my gift of creating memories. To present a visual of goodness when things get hard and frustrating, you have this keepsake to know that YOU ARE PERFECT! 

I would like to thank all the women who have shared with me their personal approach to these questions. My hope is in their words you can find comfort and see just how happy each of their tiny babes are! Here are mom Jessica's TWO emotional push and pulls! 

      1) if you had to list one thing your little one does that melts your heart, what would it be?

There are so many things Leona does that melt my heart but my favourite would have to be how she lights up with her great big smile when I come into her room in the morning to get her out of her crib. She kicks her little feet and has the biggest smile as soon as I open her bedroom door to come get her. I wouldn’t trade our mornings together for anything. 


2) on the flip side what is one thing you could do without?

I think every part of this amazing journey into motherhood has it’s incredible benefits and challenges as well. Although I love our middle of the night cuddles and feedings when there is one or two a night. I could do without the nights that the baby wakes up every hour. 

~ Jessica Cass, mom

TO BE CONTINUED .... all the days leading up to Sunday, May 13th 2018. 

FILM STOCK: Kodak Portra 400 - pushed one stop - captured in natural light

Ottawa Baby Photographer capturing real moments using the classic format of film.
Slowing down, moving with the spirit of the moment, so you can remember the golden years of discovery in the most natural way!

Get in touch, I would love to hear more about your journey as a mother or leave me a comment below and share with mom Jessica that she is not the only who could do without nightly baby parties ;)