baby scarlet - celebrating motherhood - day 6


Pam, a stunning mom to two little ones under two shares her journey into motherhood in a candid and admiring way. Her reflection in witnessing the pure love her little ones have on the world pulls on my heart strings. Every parent can agree there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a child take on a new day with a smile! On the flip side, communication skills are off cue in the early years and parenting frustrations reach an all time high. I can really relate to the crying fits in raising my own children. Seeing them displeased and how their emotions are easily effected can really make it difficult to leave the house most days. 

Here are Pam's reflections ....

1) What is one thing your little ones do that melts your heart?

- the way she gives that gummy smile first thing in the morning when I go in her room, truly melts your heart. It’s like she’s saying “good morning mommy! I’m so happy to see you, I missed you”

- the times I leave the house to run errands, etc and come back home to a running hug from our little guy with a giant smile on his face- “hi mommy, hugggsss please”

2) On the flip side, what is one thing you could do without?

- the excessive crying without being able to communicate yet. It’s so incredibly frustrating when you can’t figure out what’s wrong and the crying just.wont.stop :( 

- the temper tantrums for no reason at all (cue complete meltdown because his water is only half full, etc) and they always end up happening when his baby sister is sleeping- cue mommy angry shushes!!!! 

FILM STOCK: Kodak Portra 800 - captured in natural light

Ottawa Baby Photographer capturing real moments using the classic format of film.
Slowing down, moving with the spirit of the moment, so you can remember the golden years of discovery in the most natural way!

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