Baby Claire - celebrating motherhood - day 4


If you are just joining, this week on the blog I am hosting a series celebrating Motherhood. With Mother's Day approaching, I think it is important to acknowledge the feelings we all experience as mothers. In April, I invited women with little ones to share their journey's and gift each of them with beautiful images that showcase just how perfect they are in their child's eyes. They were asked two simple questions, 1) what melts your heart watching your little one(s) grow and 2) on the flip side what could you really do without. This series showcases their replies and my hope is to bring back a bit more self love to the motherhood journey. Because how can you not see how perfect you are in your child's eyes? When they are smiling back at you :)

Nicole wrote such touching words and beautifully positioned the period when you become a mother to two little ones. Thank you so much for sharing this perspective as it is so important to see that your first child has much to do with how you prepare yourself for the next. 

1) The one thing my little one does that melts my heart is also the one thing that drive me crazy at times. My son is a very sensitive and empathetic boy. He easily senses when we are happy or sad and responds accordingly. In the first trimester of pregnancy with my second child, I hadn't been feeling great and often did not want to eat dinner. My son would almost always notice and would show immediate concern. He would ask me why I wasn't hungry, if I had a stomach ache and whether a kiss from him would make it better. Now that he has a baby sister, he worries about her when she cries and wants to help make her happy again. This sweet child also wishes me goodnight before he goes to bed and makes sure to give me a hug and a kiss before heading to daycare for the day.
2) His sensitive nature also means that he often cries, especially when he thinks we are upset with him. Nothing makes my heart sink more than when he looks at me, tears in his eyes, and asks whether I am angry with him. Being stern can be difficult as I don't want him to feel like I am angry with him or that he isn't a "good" child. He is a great toddler but sometimes I don't like his actions and it's important to correct these issues. I want him to know that it's ok to cry when he is sad. I hope I can teach him to manage his emotions to respond appropriately to a variety of different situations and that he doesn't succumb to the toxic masculinity that's been an issue with past generations.


FILM STOCK: Fuji ProH 400 - captured using strobes

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