Exploring Canada - Part 1 - Documentary Photographer

We got moving this summer and began a family tradition to explore Canada together. Something hubby and I have been chatting and planning since becoming parents. We knew we had to be patient as little ones can only absorb so much in the baby years. But now as they are growing and asking questions of the world around them we felt ready to gift them the knowledge of learning about Canada 🇨🇦

We began by getting to the furthest East point of Canada - the area of St. John’s, Newfoundland, in the Avalon Peninsula.

The island of Newfoundland, is also a significant part of my own past too, as this is where my parents landed 31 years ago. We lived in the St. John’s area for about 2 years. I was very young at that time and remember very little of our time there but truth be know we still stayed in touch with the families who helped us adjust to our new way of life.

It felt very nostalgic for me to go back after all these years and share this piece of history with my own children. To have them meet my first friends in Canada and for them to hear the stories of my own youth. It was magical to listen to their questions, this trip truly has allowed us to grow closer in understanding time - as we cycle from youth to adults.

Without even realizing at the time I was taking motion clips to take in the landscape. The ocean, the weather, the rock, nature but all from the view of my daughter, who is currently the age I was when I first experienced Newfoundland. It felt fitting to create a short film of the beautiful landscape from a her perspective.

There are many still images to share from this experience but today here is a piece of it all in motion.

The Everyday Photograph - Ottawa Documentary Lifestyle Photographer

I could share just the pretty of the photos I take but lately I am being pulled to share the stories behind the images I capture of my family and those of my clients. 

To share a new and fresh perspective around the deeper feelings that exist when looking at photographs. 

I've pondered a while on how to communicate this new way I'll be sharing content here. The closest I've come to defining it is what you see VS what your child sees. Over the last few years, I've been observing and asking my own children just how they see things. My visual skills are fine tuned so I thought but it seems that the things I see are a bit different than what my children have brought light to. And since my goal as a photographer has always been to capture moments that reflect the people in the photos, I was keen on learning more of the difference that they shared with me. As a result, my visuals have evolved and the connections in my photographs have as well.

You see photographs are memory keepers of a time that once was. Of a time we didn't always appreciate the little things or the mundane everyday details but when we reflect back, these details are consistently always the BIG things that have shaped us and defined us. 

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