A black and white Christmas - Ottawa Lifestyle Photography


I've been slightly obsessed with trying different types of film stocks outside my usual Kodak Professional series. I took a bold move and experimented with Ilford Delta 3200 Black and White film on Christmas Eve. Every time I receive scans back from the lab, I begin to digest the performance and journal my expectations. Some areas I examine are tonal ranges of the stock, grain specifics to the brand vs actual visual output, as well as, my recorded results with the lighting condition during my time of capture.

Choosing this high ISO brand to experiment was mostly to see low light results. I did not use a flash to compensate the lighting in any of the captures. All images are a results of available light. Here are my thoughts; I find the tonality handles well, there are white points in the images higher than I expected but they add their own flair to the output. The grain of 3200 is very visible yet I am enjoying its superb nostalgic feel.

In conclusion, I would probably use a lower ISO film stock for commissioned sessions but will continue to capture my own family with the Ilford brand. 

Details of Film Stock: Ilford Delta 3200 - Black and White - 35 mm
Chemical Processing: Toronto Image Works - Toronto, ON
Scans to Digital: Downtown Camera - Toronto, ON