What is lifestyle newborn photography?


Are you curious about lifestyle newborn photography? ....

Wondering if it’s the right fit for your family? ....

I wanted to share a personal story on how I knew this style was my calling! 


The image above is of my son, Patrick. Six days into motherhood, I found my recovery from his birth very painful (picture this; 27 hours of back labour, ending with forceps stitches ... ah-ouchy!) I couldn't move for weeks, yet knew I had to get my camera out and document how little he was. (My area of work at that time was wedding photography; babies where all new to me!) One night, after an unplanned meal of pizza and wings. I walked over to our dining room, covered the pizza box with a receiving blanket and placed him on top. The above photo was created. The image ended up on our birth announcements and my professional colleagues where surprised by my choice of studio. Months later I began to capture images of him in our home and received tons of requests from friends, clients and colleagues to bringing this natural look to baby photography. It became clear to me, it was not the space where I found inspiration but my deep desire for human connection that existed. Showing new parents the personality of their baby, giving them a historical setting of where life began as a family. It's their story, it is beautiful and it is real. 

Dear friend, lifestyle photography is about the people behind the photograph. Getting to know a family, by being present and patient. Creating the space for bonding to occur. It is about the art of observation and connecting the dots of a story to unfold.  

When you are seeking out a newborn lifestyle session  ....

You will receive:
- relaxed and connection focused images
- environmental based portraits, in your home or your baby's nursery
- your own unique story is captured
- siblings are welcomed

You will not receive:
- posed baby curled up in a soft blanket
- props; such as baby wearing kit hats
- studio lighting to control the setting

Timing for lifestyle newborn portraits can be done up to 6 weeks after baby is born. Because the aim is connection based, you do not need to rush out to have photos done within the first week after the birth of your baby.