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Toronto Lifestyle Photography

How sweet are they?! I first met the Lynch family when Landon was 4 months old! Today he is 4 years old and is joined by his sweet sister Layla (9 months old) and I couldn't be happier to be invited back to capture them as a party of four :)

In "MOM'S WORDS" ....

1) What was your biggest fear in hiring me or even considering having a photographer capture your family? Did it come true, if not, what happened instead? How do you feel about the purchase now?

I had no concerns as I knew that you would be awesome with the kids and that you would be able to capture amazing moments of our family. Since Landon is 4 years old he's at an age where he listens and understands. Yes he can be silly but we loved having those moments captured as well since that is a part of who he is. Layla just smiles all the time so we knew she would be easy to photograph.  I also think timing is everything. First thing in the morning when everyone has had a good nights rest also helps. The photos are all so amazing! We couldn't be any happier with them!!!!  My favourite ones are with the kids sitting on the couch. Especially the one where Layla's mouth is open and Landon is making a silly face! 

2) What did you enjoy the most about your session and why?  

You are so gentle, calm and funny. You really helped Landon feel comfortable. We truly enjoy spending time with you and having you in our most intimate space. 

3) If you where to tell your best friend about your photography experience, what would you say?!  

That they have to hire you!!! I will always recommend you. With both sessions we have had we have been so happy. Again your gentle demeanor and your way of making everyone feel comfortable goes a long way! Thank you again!!!