Toronto Lifestyle Photography - mother and son


As parents we feel our proudest when we see our children achieve and accomplish dreams they've drafted. The rush of emotion the moment you realize, this is it, they are independent and their voice in the world is now as powerful as yours sets your head spinning. So when Janet contacted me in the Spring to book a casual lifestyle session with her son, she was vividly wanting to celebrate the big accomplishments happening in her son's life. Erik had graduated university and began a career in the financial sector in Toronto. It was a turning point and the images that hung proudly on her walls today only showed Erik as little boy. In fact, the last photos she had of him and her where done when a dear friend had given her a gift certificate when Erik turned 13 years old. A new chapter in both their adult lives was taking shape and to remember their current home in Rosedale just steps away from the hip Bloor neighborhood was best fit for our backdrop. I hope this session inspires you that no matter how old your children get they are still the most important people in your life worth having photographs of.