Framed Prints Keep Stories Alive - Ottawa Family Photographer


With the current digital phenomena, we've redirected our photo viewing of life's most precious moments to our computer or phone screens. Some of us even losing them to upgrades in technology or simply forgetting they exist in our overflowing hard-drives. Photography has began to slowly lose its physical power, more in the relation to the emotional impact when we hold prints in our hands. I share my personal views on the topic today because its been on my mind. To be exact it has been on my mind over the last few months as I've been creating a gallery wall in my new studio space. I've been digging deep through my large archive of images and deeply analyzing what I wanted my images to say to my viewers. Most have experienced this hard visual process by simply trying to select images from their sessions! Its hard, oh so hard to make the commitment to where you want to display photos in your home. There is also the expense of printing and budgeting how large to make an existing gallery wall. There are many factors to consider and a whole topic to cover for another day! 

What I do know is this ~ there is nothing better than the instant joy when passing by a framed image of your family, you feel proud, connected and deep love that cannot be described just felt by the experience itself. 

I will share images from my new studio space in the coming weeks! 

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