Toddlerhood can be Magical - Toronto Family Photographer


My goal for every session is to create a collection of images that echo true feelings of a frozen moment in time. In the case of toddlerhood, it is very special to see the personality of a little person come to life. Toddlers are know to be active, busy and adventurous making most parents feel uneasy to have them photographed. Case in point, I often hear how all the photos mom or dad are attempting at home come out blurry and do not show any true emotion to the cute, sweet little person they are head over heels in love with. Sometimes they bring this energy to their session as they see their little toddler being busy and disinterested, they immediately begin to worry if I even got a single photo of their sweetness. I tend to remind parents that their vision is slightly altered by the Rolodex of experiences they've had with their child to date.... while mine is focused on the story of our moment in time ~ I have a vision and my energy is directed towards creating it in a more peaceful way. This an area I explore with every client before we book a session as it is so important to understand the deep psychology that goes into creating images and how they have different emotional effects on us. A great topic that I will explore another time ...
Today, enjoy all the sweetness that comes with watching parents love on their child and simply the beauty of being together!

The experience in their own words .....

Thank you so much - these are stunning! It's exactly how you said it would be - the session felt chaotic for us but the pictures you captured make it seem like such a slow peaceful morning session :) We are thrilled with how they turned out and the lighting is amazing. I'm glad we made a last minute switch to a sunrise session! You have an amazing way of capturing real moments between families and we are so thankful to be able to work with you.
Thanks again ~ Marieke Greve