Baby Luka - celebrating motherhood - day 9


Today, lovely mom Sarah, spotlights just how quickly a baby's first year passes. She shares her focus on the precious feelings that come with snuggling a sweet baby but also highlights the reality of late nights and the efforts required in keeping little people healthy. All moms can relate to the fleeing time and then also remember mixed in there were HARD days that seemed to last longer than 24 hours. Sarah, thank you for shedding light on keeping it positive either way, cause they are only little once!

In Sarah's words, 

1) if you had to list one thing your little one does that melts your heart, what would it be?

Luka is an incredibly affectionate baby. He loves to be close and cuddled. But more than anything what melts my heart is his full belly laughs at his big sister. Their relationship is already more than I could have possibly imagined. 

2) on the flip side what is one thing you could do without?

Luka is our second baby, and we have tried to be very purposeful about focusing on all the little positives (even at 2am), because we have seen how quickly everything changes. That being said, I could do without the constant worry about things that are health-related... will the cradle cap go away on its own, how can I help his eczema, will he have an allergic reaction to a new food?...

FILM STOCK: Kodak TX 400 - captured using natural light

Ottawa Baby Photographer capturing real moments using the classic format of film.
Slowing down, moving with the spirit of the moment, so you can remember the golden years of discovery in the most natural way!

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