Baby Sam - celebrating motherhood - day 8


Elisabeth is a beautiful mama to four little ones all between 18 to 20 months apart! She is the most patient, loving and caring human I have ever met. She embraces motherhood gracefully and shares thoughtful words that pin exactly what I try to visually share in my work. In the eyes of your little one, you are perfect. Thank you Elisabeth for sharing and allowing me to witness Sam's love for you :) 

As I am sitting there thinking about this Mother’s Day feature I promised I’d write, I am feeding the baby, the house is quiet (at last) the sound of the white noise machine gently humming across the room.  It shouldn’t be too hard, I think, ONE thing that melts my heart? After all, with 4 kids there is enough of “those” moments that goes around. But for some reason, I am drawing a blank. My gaze circles the room thinking about my day.  All the mundane moments that constitute our daily routine. Nothing. Then I look down; he is staring right at me, big bright eyes studying my face waiting to connect. Hello mom, is there someone home? He seems to think. And just like that, I have it.  It was right there all along. It’s in their eyes! Those eyes following my every move as I walk across a room, exploding with joy after an, always so surprising, game of peek-a-boo. Inquisitive eyes discovering this bran new world, seconds after crossing earth side and as they get older the heartache and pride of watching them look away to discover a reality far beyond what the safety of our home has to offer.  Those eyes filled with tears of joy and sadness following the tumult of what a young heart has to endure. The rolling eyes because “really-mom-I-just-can’t”. In those eyes I dig deep sometimes hoping that mine aren’t giving me away. But when the sun goes down, and it is time for those eyes to close on an other day, they are meeting my loving gaze knowing, that I will watch over them and be there for their eyes to melt my heart all over again tomorrow (or in a few hours).  

And something I could do without? Laundry! I hate laundry!

FILM STOCK: Ilford HP5 400 - pushed one stop - captured using strobes

Ottawa Baby Photographer capturing real moments using the classic format of film.
Slowing down, moving with the spirit of the moment, so you can remember the golden years of discovery in the most natural way!

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