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seven year old boy, mom is missing from our family photos - Ottawa Family Photography

His view is built on the notion of how the one taking the photos is really missing out on being in the photos. We can all relate to this simple act, as most modern forms of picture snapping is really routed in capturing moments for ourselves. So that we can remember.

The reality is hard when we flip it around and ask a child to share what they see. Because it brings the true meaning of the images we give to our children. 

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Which photos will your children want to see? - Ottawa Family Photographer

Do you find yourself snapping photos of all the cute things your children are doing?

Are you taking these images for yourself or with the intent to share them with others?

Do you find yourself missing from photos because you are too busy taking them?

If you answered YES to almost all these questions, please read on.

I have a true story to share. 

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Baby Claire - celebrating motherhood - day 4

If you are just joining, this week on the blog I am hosting a series celebrating Motherhood. With Mother's Day approaching, I think it is important to acknowledge the feelings we all experience as mothers. In April, I invited women with little ones to share their journey's and gift each of them with beautiful images that showcase just how perfect they are in their child's eyes. They were asked two simple questions, 1) what melts your heart watching your little one(s) grow and 2) on the flip side what could you really do without. This series showcases their replies and my hope is to bring back a bit more self love to the motherhood journey.

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Penn - 9 months old - Ottawa Baby Photographer

Dear Penn,

My camera was of great interest to you. You followed me curiously around the room and allowed me to really get to know your personality. Thank you! As my goal always is to echo back just who you were when you were little. These photos are just as important to you as they are to your parents. Do know, much love and joy echoed in your first home. I am honoured to have witnessed it!

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Family Clemow - Ottawa Family and Baby Photographer

Here is the super lovely Clemow family, whom I first met last Spring when I document sweet Quinn's newborn images. If you are curios you can click here and enjoy them! 

Today, almost a year later, we meet again to capture just how much the boys have grown and also celebrate their new home in Renfrew! One of the best parts about seeing little ones grow is witnessing their personalities come to life! Reid was so inviting and shared with me just how awesome of a big brother he is to little Quinn. I left with a new friend and honoured to show his parents images of just how happy he is to have them by his side! 

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Roman - 7 months old - Ottawa Baby Photographer

In January I hosted my annual Family Day Giveaway!

Today I am sharing the first of three sessions in documenting the growth and change of sweet little Roman and his family who where the winners of a year’s worth of photos! It’s a pretty special gift to see the changes of a little one over the course of a year and I hope you enjoy following along watching Roman grow! Here he is at 7 months old.

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