To my daughter on her 3rd birthday ....


There is so much I want to say, yet I cannot seem to find the right words to say it all. Have you ever felt so emotional that your heart aches with difficulty when you try putting it on paper. That is exactly how I am feeling right now. I woke up this morning proud and a bit sad at the same time. My beautiful, sweet, charming and sassy little girl turns THREE today! She's brought so much sunshine to our lives but has also allowed me to discover another layer to my motherhood journey. You may of often heard how each child is different from the next ~ I find this to be true in my experience! My son is a true extrovert and my daughter is an introvert, they both engage with the outside world differently. Over the Christmas holidays was the first time I've seen this sweet little girl become chatty and be head over heals in love with seeing her little friends at preschool (which you may of heard me before say, she cried for 8 months at drop off - my heart ached) Today, I will celebrate her new communication skills and her ever growing curiosity with the world. I am blessed in every way to have her in my life! 

Happy Birthday sweet babe! 

Processing and Scans: Dowtown Camera - Toronto, ON
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