Ottawa Lifestyle Photography - Emily + James, siblings

I first met Emily when she was 9 months old! She was sweet, shy and curious about the world. I remember vividly her smiles when she glanced over to mom or dad, you could feel the love she had for them! Fast forward a year and half later, Emily is now a BIG sister to James, who was equally shy on our first meeting. He did not fancy much to explore but rather preferred the safety of his mom's arms. This is a great example of how working with children can feel unexpected. I had chatted with mom before our session, she was sure James would be the more playful one and Emily still very much shy! It ended up being the complete opposite.

Most parents will feel the pressure of uncertainty when it comes to how their children will act during a photo session. In fact, it is the most common concern. The good news is, my job is centered around gaining their trust and allowing them to not feel pressured for smiles, giggles, or any other interaction. To me a photograph needs to represent a person in a true form, this can be very difficult to achieve if a child is placed in a new environment. So I asked mom to describe the experience in her own words, so new readers can better understand the focus around lifestyle photography.

"In mom's words"

Before the session, were you worried about how your kids would behave or act? Did it come true, if not, what happened instead?

Our session was a good example of "expect the unexpected".  My 3-year old daughter is shy and has has trouble warming up in photo sessions in the past, so I warned Irina she might need a little extra TLC.  But, unexpectedly, my outgoing little 1-year old was the one who had more trouble warming up. My daughter instantly got into it and posed for the camera.  They both eventually settled in and enjoyed themselves.

What did you enjoy the most about your session and why?

It was very relaxed.  Irina and I chatted, the kids played and photographs were taken.  I loved her space - it is light and airy and the kids felt free to just play.  The photos turned out beautifully.  She captured some great moments.

If you where to tell your best friend about your photography experience, what would you say?!

If you want an easy photography experience in a relaxed environment, visit Irina's studio.  She's wonderful.