How to Emotionally Photography your Baby's First Year - Ottawa Lifestyle Photographer


Are you an emotional parent who just can't get enough of how quickly your baby is growing? 

Would you like to learn how to capture your baby in a natural and creative way?

This guide is the perfect blend of learning the art of observation and the way we connect and remember using photographs.
With your baby growing with each passing day, this book will teach you how to capture their milestone(s) and create a unique first yearbook of their childhood..


Enclosed you'll discover:

- the four major milestones in your Baby's First Year

- what to look for creatively in relation to your Child's milestone

- how to approach the milestone based on your Baby's development 

- a detailed shot list to ensure you get the most important images

- sample images to inspire you at each milestone

Would you like to receive a printed copy?

Leave a comment below and tell me why you enjoy taking photographs.

I will draw a winner on March 1st 2018.