Lifestyle On-Location Rate + Product Options 

Thank you for your interest!

I offer a creative approach, using both film and digital to create a fine art timeless feel to my work.
Sessions can take place in your home, backyard, beach, park or any other location that holds value to you.
I capture in a fun and relaxed way, with an editorial flare.
Your images will be candid, there are no props or fancy backdrops but rather georgous moments!


Newborn + Family Lifestyle - $350.00 (+hst)

Lifestyle sessions are taken on location and provide you with candid, raw, gorgeous moments. They are best suited for families who want to remember the now. Up to 100km travel is included to the location of your choice.

  • 2 hour session on-location, 60km of travel included
  • A custom designed plan to visually tell the story of the bond and connection with baby/child/ren
  • 3 rolls of film (mixed with your choice of black and white or colour) + digital captures
  • online gallery to select and place your product order

    The creative fee covers photographers time and talent and does not include any products or digital files, please refer to the a-la-carte options listed.

Baby's First Year Package (best value!)

No year brings more change, more emotion, more joy than the first. So tiny and wrinkly and brand-new to begin. Your baby’s eyes are like dark pools of ocean water that leave you wondering what colour they’ll be. It is a time of milk comas and that newborn smell of fresh-baked cookies.

It’s you and your partner thrust into unfamiliar territory. A place of long sleepless nights and doubt and a love deeper than anything you’d felt before. 

I am here to help you tell this magical story.
My first year package is an invaluable addition to any family library.

Four separate family sessions over the course of your child’s first year. Newborn, four months, 8 months and 1st birthday

$500, six times a year (+hst)

-Includes me embedded in your family for 2 hours, 4 times a year
-All uploading, editing and post processing of images
-An online gallery per session with downloadable high res files (minimum 50 images/session)
-An online slideshow from each session at the end of the year
-A 10x10” archival album with 100 images of the “Best Of” collection of the year 


Products - A-La-Carte

After your session, expect to review your images online within 3 weeks. I know you are busy and I've made the online ordering process easy and efficient in receiving your selections. Your online gallery will be active for 7 days, you will have my undivided attention and I will make sure your product choices are worked on immediately and delivered to you as quickly as possible.

Most clients find the Album bundles below the best value as it includes a beautiful designed album and a set of digital files for personal creative printing. Single images prices are also available and will be accessed through your online gallery. A min. $200 order is required for all session types.



These gorgeous custom albums come in two sizes and make for beautiful displays and cherished gifts.


20 page album $550
storyboard style with multiple images per page
includes five digital files of your choice


20 page album $950
storyboard style with multiple images per page
includes a complete set of digital files


Archival Digital Files

Digital Files are high resolution jpegs suitable for printed up to 16x20
 Five printable, high-res files of your choice $250
A complete set of digital files $750


Gift Prints begin at $40.oo

Custom Canvas Prints are Quoted in person for accurate pricing. 


 Prices are subject to change without notice.  
Prices are honored once your session is booked. 
 HST is added to final totals



Frequently Asked Questions
Baby's First Year Package 

I really want to do maternity photos as one of the sessions. Can the package be modified?
Yes! In this case we would modify the timeline to include a maternity session. We’d do maternity photos, newborn, six months old and first birthday.

This isn’t my first baby. Can we include our other child(ren) in the photos?
Of course! Doing this package with siblings is great because you not only get the baby’s growth documented but also your other kid(s) as well. It’s kind of like a 2 for 1! All family members, pets included, are encouraged to join. 

I want to include the extended family in each shoot? Is this allowed?
The short answer is, no. The aim of this package with each session is to tell the story of your baby’s first year and to record and represent every day family life with your immediate family. So I don’t recommend bringing in the grandparents, aunts and uncles as it takes away from what the package is designed for.

Why is the album included?
We are all guilty of saying we’ll be better at printing our photos and then letting them sit on our computers and phones for years and years. By including the album in this package, you are guaranteed to have these memories in a physical format to look at and hand down for generations to come. Your child will have an album from their first year of life to have for the rest of their life! How great is that? 

You don’t mention a USB. How do I get my images? How many images will I receive?
USBs are becoming obsolete as computers are being manufactured without ports. Your digital files are available to download from the online gallery you’ll receive after each session. The minimum final image count is 50.

I don’t understand the payments? Why are there 6 payments?
Upon confirming that you’d like to book this package, I will send you a contract
to electronically sign and an invoice for retainer. That is the first payment. Each payment afterwards is due upon each session and the last and final payment is due when your album is ready for delivery. I will send you an invoice for each session and you can pay via e-transfer or credit card.

I’m really interested in this package but I don’t know you.
Can we meet before I commit to this?

Yes! I totally understand that you might want to meet me before having me document your family for a year. We can arrange a time and I will come to your home and we can chat and get to know each other before you fully commit to the package.