Motherhood's Missing Frame - Ottawa Family Photography

When my seven year old son told me I was missing from our family photos. Simply because I was too busy taking them. I realized I was creating photos for myself and zero for my children. They wanted to see their mother in photos, loving them, playing with them or simply glowing with pride. Born from the inspiration of a child, the missing frame series gives mothers and caregivers a chance to have their photo taken with their child, so they can gift them of a memory of their motherhood. You can learn more about how this project came to life in this entry where my son explained my personal missing frames.

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seven year old boy, mom is missing from our family photos - Ottawa Family Photography

His view is built on the notion of how the one taking the photos is really missing out on being in the photos. We can all relate to this simple act, as most modern forms of picture snapping is really routed in capturing moments for ourselves. So that we can remember.

The reality is hard when we flip it around and ask a child to share what they see. Because it brings the true meaning of the images we give to our children. 

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Which photos will your children want to see? - Ottawa Family Photographer

Do you find yourself snapping photos of all the cute things your children are doing?

Are you taking these images for yourself or with the intent to share them with others?

Do you find yourself missing from photos because you are too busy taking them?

If you answered YES to almost all these questions, please read on.

I have a true story to share. 

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Film Stock Comparisons - Ottawa Newborn + Family Photographer

Little Jasper above is perfectly modelling my mood right now; hands in mouth thinking over which film stock I will adapt to capture all the cute babies?!! This may sounds like an odd wonder for an early week dilemma! So let me explain. One of the most important steps for a photographer is to determine the style in which they present their work in. As I update my website with more and more film photographs, it is important to show a consistent style. Recently, I did some testing with various film stocks and would love your opinion on which ones you are loving more! TRY not to get distracted by all the cute babies and moms :-)  

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Baby Luka - celebrating motherhood - day 9

Today, lovely mom Sarah, spotlights just how quickly a baby's first year passes. She shares her focus on the precious feelings that come with snuggling a sweet baby but also highlights the reality of late nights and the efforts required in keeping little people healthy. All moms can relate to the fleeing time and then also remember mixed in there were HARD days that seemed to last longer than 24 hours. Sarah, thank you for shedding light on keeping it positive either way, cause they are only little once!

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Baby Sam - celebrating motherhood - day 8

Elisabeth is a beautiful mama to four little ones all between 18 to 20 months apart! She is the most patient, loving and caring human I have ever met. She embraces motherhood gracefully and shares thoughtful words that pin exactly what I try to visually share in my work. In the eyes of your little one, you are perfect. Thank you Elisabeth for sharing and allowing me to witness Sam's love for you :) 

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